The release of the SSC CGL Answer Key 2024 for Tier 1 & 2 is scheduled subsequent to the examination for the 2024 cycle. Anticipated to occur in August-September, the SSC CGL Exam will promptly precede the unveiling of the SSC CGL Answer Key. Previously, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) had officially unveiled the provisional answer key for the Tier-II exam conducted from October 26th to 27th, 2023. Further insights regarding the SSC CGL Answer Key 2024 follow.

  • The Staff Selection Commission employs a dual-phase approach in disseminating the SSC CGL answer keys, commencing with a tentative version. This preliminary key allows candidates to raise objections if discrepancies are noted. Following the assessment of objections, the commission finalizes the answers, culminating in the release of the definitive final key for the SSC CGL Exam.
  • Candidates possess the opportunity to challenge the provisional SSC CGL answer key for both Tier 1 and 2 by submitting a payment of Rs. 100 per questioned item within the stipulated duration specified in the Answer Key Notice.
  • The SSC CGL answer key provides a reliable method for candidates to assess their scores prior to the official result declaration. It enables all exam participants to gauge their potential progression to the subsequent selection stages based on their performance.

How to Download SSC CGL Answer Key 2024?

To access and download the SSC CGL 2024 answer key, candidates can adhere to the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to the official website -
  2. Locate and click on the designated link for the SSC CGL answer key 2024 displayed on the homepage.
  3. A PDF document will open on the screen.
  4. Within the PDF, click on the provided link for the SSC CGL answer key 2024.
  5. Upon clicking, a login window will appear, prompting users to enter their User ID and password.
  6. Subsequently, the SSC CGL answer key will be presented on the screen in PDF format. Candidates can also verify their responses within the same file.
  7. Download and save the SSC CGL answer key PDF for future reference.

How to Raise Objections for SSC CGL Exam 2024?

Candidates are provided with the opportunity to contest or raise concerns regarding any inaccuracies found in the preliminary SSC CGL Answer Key 2024. The Staff Selection Commission will enable candidates to challenge the provisional SSC CGL Answer Key 2024 from around October 30th (6 PM) to November 1st, 2023 (6 PM). The process for challenging unfolds as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official website and log in using the necessary credentials (User ID and Password).

Step 2: Select the payment option (Rs 100 per question). You will be directed to the online payment gateway.

Step 3: Complete the payment corresponding to the number of questions to be contested (For instance, if challenging 3 questions, the total payment would be Rs 300).

Step 3: Provide your name, mobile number, question number, your perceived correct option, and state the reason within 300 characters.

Step 5: Click on the Submit button to finalize the process. If the challenged question is deemed valid, marks will be adjusted accordingly in the SSC CGL Results. Refer to the notice for further instructions.

In case a candidate identifies any discrepancies through exam analysis, they have the option to contest them. If there are any issues with the response sheet or provisional SSC CGL answer key, candidates can submit objections through an official link available on the SSC website.

SSC CGL Answer Key 2024 Marking Scheme

Below is the SSC CGL answer key marking scheme for 2024:

Correct Answer + 2
Incorrect Answer - 0.5
Unanswered 0

To compute marks separately for each tier, add up the marks gained from correct answers and subtract marks lost due to incorrect responses. The final score equals the sum of correct answers minus the sum of incorrect answers multiplied by the respective negative marking factor (0.5 for Tier 1 and Paper 1 of Tier 2, and 0.5 for Papers 2 and 3 of Tier 2).

SSC CGL Answer Key: Steps to Calculate Your Marks

To calculate marks for SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 separately, consider the following example and refer to the SSC CGL answer key.

1. Suppose a candidate attempted the following questions in SSC CGL:

  • 100 questions in SSC CGL Tier 1 with 80 correct answers.
  • 150 questions in Paper 1 of Tier 2 with 120 correct answers.
  • 100 questions in Papers 2 and 3 of Tier 2 with 70 correct answer

2. The candidate also answered the following questions incorrectly:

  • 20 questions in Tier
  • 30 questions in Paper 1 of Tier 2
  • 15 questions in Papers 2 and 3 of Tier 2.

3. To compute the candidate's score for each tier separately, utilize the following formulab:

  • For SSC CGL Tier 1: (Number of correct answers × 2) - (Number of incorrect answers × 0.5)
  • For Paper 1 of Tier 2: (Number of correct answers × 3) - (Number of incorrect answers × 1)
  • For Papers 2 and 3 of Tier 2: (Number of correct answers × 0.5)
  • (Number of incorrect answers × 0.5)

4. Applying the formula, the candidate's scores for each tier would be:

  • Tier 1: (80 × 2) - (20 × 0.5) = 160 - 10 = 150
  • Paper 1 of Tier 2: (120 × 3) - (30 × 1) = 120 - 30 = 330
  • Papers 2 and 3 of Tier 2: (70 × 0.5) - (15 × 0.5) = 35 - 7.5 = 27.5
  • Thus, the candidate's total score for SSC CGL would be 150 + 330 + 27.5 = 507.5.

The marking scheme differs slightly for SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2. In Tier 1, 2 marks are awarded for each correct answer, while 0.50 marks are deducted for each wrong answer.

Under Tier 2, Paper 1 incurs a negative marking of 0.25, whereas Papers 2 and 3 have a negative marking of 0.50. Each correct answer in all papers fetches 2 marks.

Details to Check in the SSC CGL Answer Key

Within the SSC CGL answer key, candidates can locate the accurate solutions to all exam questions. Additionally, aspirants must review certain other particulars mentioned in the answer key. These may include:

Candidate’s name Candidate’s roll number
Paper/Tier Number Exam Name
Question numbers and corresponding responses


The Staff Selection Commission offers a designated platform for submitting objections regarding any incorrect questions or answers found in the official SSC CGL answer key. To raise objections to the SSC answer key, visit the official website at and click on the answer key notification link on the homepage. Access the answer key through the link provided in the notification, then enter your user ID and password and click on the Login button. Navigate to the section for raising objections, follow the instructions to challenge the specific question or answer, and make the required payment of INR 100 per question or answer online. Candidates should be aware that there is no option to challenge the final answer key once it has been released.

To access the SSC CGL answer key, utilize your user ID, roll number, and password. To download the SSC CGL answer key 2024, visit the official website at, navigate to the 'Latest News' section, and click on the SSC CGL answer key 2024 notice. Read the notice thoroughly and click on the provided link at the bottom. Choose the exam name, log in using your Registration Number and Password, and then download and save the answer key along with the response sheet.

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