When preparing for the SSC CGL 2024 examination, candidates must make distinct preparation strategies for each tier of the selection process. For instance, in the Tier 1 exam of SSC CGL Exam 2024, the General Awareness section holds significant importance in determining candidates' advancement to the subsequent phase.

Conversely, during the Tier 2 examination, candidates must allocate equal attention to all subjects to enhance their prospects of success in one of India's most competitive government exams. During this phase, SSC CGL 2024 preparation strategies should be formulated with consideration for the specific posts available.

The SSC CGL 2024 exam preparation demands a thorough understanding and strategic approach towards each section. Click here to start your SSC CGL Preparation

Here's a detailed guide on how to prepare for each tier effectively:

SSC CGL Exam 2024 Preparation Strategies for Tier 1

General Intelligence Reasoning

Do Practice Non-verbal reasoning tasks like figure counting and image assembly necessitate the use of visual imagination. Despite their initial appearance as time-consuming, these questions should not be overlooked, and regular practice is the key to improving efficiency. High-scoring topics such as puzzles, figure-based questions, analogies, coding-decoding, and series should be prioritized. Aim to accurately answer 15-20 questions within 20 minutes of practice sessions. Follow these SSC CGL Preparation Strategies for General Intelligence Reasoning to score good marks in this section.

General Awareness

It is essential to SSC CGL Preparation Strategies for General Awareness because this segment evaluates candidates' knowledge of current events. Divided into General Knowledge and Current Affairs, it encompasses topics from various domains such as History, Geography, Economics, Indian Polity, General Science, and Environment. Additionally, staying updated with miscellaneous topics like Awards, People/Places in News, Summits/Conferences, and Sports News is crucial. Utilize SSC CGL books, general knowledge publications, and yearly Current Affairs books for comprehensive preparation.

Quantitative Aptitude

The quantitative aptitude section assesses candidates' mathematical proficiency. Key topics include Whole Numbers, Ratios & Proportions, Discounts, Percentages, and more. Strengthening fundamentals, learning calculation shortcuts, and effective time management are vital for success in this section. Do follow these SSC CGL Preparation Strategies for Quantitative Aptitude to score good marks.

English Language and Comprehension

The English section evaluates candidates' comprehension and writing skills. Emphasize grammar rules, vocabulary enhancement, and comprehension skills through feature stories and opinion pieces in magazines and editorials.

Preparation Strategies for SSC CGL Exam 2024 Tier 2

For SSC CGL Exam Preparation for Paper-I (Quantitative Abilities) and Paper-II (English Language and Comprehension) of the Tier-II Exam, candidates can use the same tips as for the Quantitative Aptitude and English Comprehension sections of Tier-I. However, it's important to note that while the topics are similar, the difficulty level of Tier-II questions is higher.

Statistics & Probability

For the Statistics paper in SSC CGL Tier-II, candidates should prepare topics like Collection, Classification and Presentation of Statistical Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis, Correlation and Regression, Probability Theory, Random Variable and Probability Distributions, Sampling Theory, Statistical Inference, Analysis of Variance, Time Series Analysis, and Index Numbers. Do follow these SSC CGL Preparation Strategies to gain good marks.

Reasoning and General Intelligence

Enhance reasoning skills through daily practice and solving various question types. Topics like Drawing inferences, Figural Classification, and Number Series should be thoroughly understood. Regularly solve practice papers to assess preparation levels.

General Awareness

Develop a robust strategy for General Awareness, focusing on topics outlined in the syllabus. Evaluate knowledge in each category and manage preparation accordingly. Review class topics in science to ensure comprehension and memorization.

General Studies (Finance and Economics)

The SSC CGL 2024 Tier 2 Paper 3 is designed specifically for candidates seeking the Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) position. The exam spans 120 minutes and comprises 100 questions, each carrying 2 marks. However, for each incorrect response, 0.5 marks will be deducted.

Achieving success in this paper requires consistent practice and a thorough grasp of the subject matter. Candidates should focus on understanding the definitions and concepts pertaining to both Indian and global economies. With a solid comprehension of the content, questions can be efficiently answered within 2-3 seconds.

Candidates should prepare extensively on foundational topics typically covered in classes XI and XII, such as foreign exchange dynamics, economic development, balance of payments, national income and aggregates, as well as knowledge of national and international financial institutions. Mastery of these areas significantly enhances the chances of clearing this section of the exam.

Additionally, candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with specific topics related to general awareness. Based on past trends, around 7-10 questions in the SSC exam are typically drawn from these areas:

  • Five Year Plans
  • Economic Terminology
  • Monetary Systems and Banking
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Structure of the Indian Tax System

These are some SSC CGL Preparation Strategies for preparing for Paper 3 of General Studies. Candidates are advised to follow these preparation tips to score good marks 

SSC CGL 2024 Preparation Strategy: Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)

CPT consists of three main components:

1. Word Processing: Participants must type a 2000-key depression English passage within 15 minutes. Regular practice is essential for mastering typing skills.

2. Spreadsheet: This segment involves executing fundamental mathematical functions such as multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, as well as utilizing various operational formulas within Microsoft Excel. Regular practice with Excel is recommended.

3. Slide Generation: Candidates need to create PowerPoint slides, demonstrating proficiency in basic PowerPoint features such as headers, footers, inserting date and time, and other presentation aspects. Practice is key to excelling in this part of the CPT.

SSC CGL Exam Preparation Strategy: Data Entry Speed Test

DEST solely comprises a typing assessment, requiring candidates to achieve 2000 key depressions within 15 minutes. It's focused on speed, necessitating regular typing practice to successfully pass the SSC CGL 2024 DEST.


Ideally, start your preparation at least 6-8 months before the exam date. This allows ample time to cover all sections thoroughly and to revise effectively.

Prioritize sections based on your strengths and weaknesses. Allocate more time to areas where you need improvement, but ensure you give adequate attention to each section.

Utilize official SSC CGL exam syllabus and previous year question papers as primary resources. Additionally, consider standard reference books and online study materials for each section to supplement your preparation.

Practice time-bound mock tests regularly to improve speed and accuracy. Divide your time strategically among different sections based on your comfort level and the weightage of each section.

Develop a systematic approach for tackling difficult questions, such as eliminating obviously wrong options, making educated guesses, and flagging questions for review if unsure. Focus on maximizing your score by prioritizing easier questions first before attempting the tougher ones.

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