SSC MTS Recruitment hires people for different jobs in central government departments and ministries. These jobs can range from simple to more complex tasks depending on the department. After passing the SSC MTS Exam, candidates can be assigned to various SSC MTS Job Posts. There are several types of jobs available through SSC MTS:

  • Watchman (Chowkidar)
  • Gardener (Mali)
  • Gatekeeper
  • Daftary
  • Operator
  • Peon (Farash)
  • Jamadar
  • Junior Gestetner Operator

SSC MTS Recruitment 2024 Job Roles and Responsibilities

SSC MTS Recruitment workers have diverse duties vital for office operations. These tasks are vital for smooth office functioning. SSC MTS workers need to be diligent and hardworking, contributing significantly to a professional and organized workspace. Some SSC MTS Job Roles & Responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining Records
  • Cleaning Offices
  • Opening & Closing Offices
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Room and Furniture cleaning
  • Delivering Posts
  • Driving Vehicles.
  • Watch and ward duties
  • Work released to ITI qualifications
  • Any other work assigned by the supervisors.

MTS Staff, including those with technical qualifications like ITI holders, may also be assigned specialized tasks based on their skills. Typically, MTS Staff handle photocopying, filing, and other miscellaneous tasks in different offices. However, they might receive different assignments based on instructions from higher authorities in their department.

SSC MTS Non Technical Job Profile

The job description for non-technical SSC MTS positions doesn't require any specific skills or qualifications beyond the minimum education needed. Examples of such roles include peon, daftary, jamadar, chowkidar, and safaiwala.

Duties include:

  • Physical upkeep of section records.
  • Assisting with routine office tasks and computer operations.
  • Delivering couriers outside the office.
  • Transporting files and papers within the office.
  • Handling photocopying, faxing, etc.
  • Performing watch and ward duties.
  • Opening and closing rooms.
  • Cleaning rooms and buildings.
  • Maintaining parks, lawns, and plants.
  • Any other tasks assigned by superiors.

SSC MTS Job Profile for Technical Candidates

For technical SSC MTS Recruitment positions, you need skills and qualifications related to the job. These roles might include being an electrician, plumber, or carpenter.

Tasks may involve:

  • Using skills from ITI qualifications, if applicable.
  • Driving vehicles, but only if you have a valid driver's license.
  • Keeping the section or unit clean and maintained.
  • Doing other non-office tasks in the section or unit.

SSC MTS Career Growth

MTS workers can climb the career ladder all the way up to becoming a Section Officer (SO) by the time they retire. They'll be paid according to the 7th pay commission and can earn different types of pay increases:

  • Promotional raise
  • Yearly raise
  • Raise due to taking on more roles and responsibilities

The career path for MTS typically progresses through roles like Multi Tasking Staff, Lower Division Clerk, Assistant Upper Division Clerk, Division Clerk, and finally, Section Officer.

MTS staff can become Lower Division Clerks through departmental review and may advance to Upper Division Clerks after passing a department test. If they don't take the test, they may still be promoted to LDC based on available vacancies after serving 5-6 years. Exceptional MTS employees may retire with a higher rank, even up to Secretary Level. Check out the Testbook App to track your progress.

SSC MTS Recruitment 2024 Salary

The SSC MTS 2024 Salary is a compelling package that attracts numerous candidates to this role. The salary structure is set according to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission and comprises various elements. The basic pay for SSC MTS 2024 Salary stands at Rs. 18,000 monthly, with the gross salary ranging from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 22,000 monthly, depending on the posting city and other factors. Apart from the basic pay, SSC MTS Recruitment 2024 Salary includes several allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA).

DA is computed based on the living expenses in a specific city and is revised biannually. HRA is determined by the posting city, ranging from 24% to 27% of the basic pay. TA is given to cover commuting expenses to and from work. Alongside the salary and allowances, SSC MTS 2024 Salary entails benefits like medical facilities, retirement perks, and leave encashment. This comprehensive salary and benefits package make the SSC MTS position a highly desirable government job in India.

SSC MTS 2024 In-Hand Salary

The SSC MTS 2024 In-Hand Salary is what an employee gets after all deductions are taken out. The amount varies based on where you work and other factors. Here's what you need to know about SSC MTS 2024 In-Hand Salary:

  • The basic pay is Rs. 18,000 per month.
  • Along with that, you get allowances like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Transport Allowance (TA).
  • DA changes twice a year, based on how expensive it is to live in your city.
  • HRA depends on where you work and can be 24% to 27% of your basic pay.
  • TA helps cover your travel costs.
  • After deductions like Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and Income Tax (IT), SSC MTS 2024 In-Hand Salary can be between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 per month.
  • On top of the salary, SSC MTS 2024 In-Hand Salary includes benefits like medical care, retirement perks, and paid leave.

SSC MTS is a non-gazetted Central Government service in Group C, with a grade pay of Rs.1800 and falls under pay band 1 (5200-20200). With the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission, the new salary structure for Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) includes a basic pay of Rs. 18,000 per month, plus allowances such as dearness, house rent, transport, and medical allowances. MTS employees also enjoy benefits like leave encashment and gratuity. It's important to note that with the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, salaries for all government employees, including SSC MTS, increased by over 20%.

SSC MTS Post MTS (GP 1800) MTS (GP 1800) MTS (GP 1800)
Tier-Wise Cities X – Tier I Y – Tier II Z – Tier III
Basic Pay 18000 18000 18000
HRA 4320 2880 1440
DA 0 0 0
TA 1350 900 900
Gross Salary 23670 21780 20340
NPS 1800 1800 1800
CGHS 125 125 125
CGEGIS 1500 1500 1500
Total Deduction 3425 3425 3425
In-Hand Salary Rs.20245/- Rs.18355/- Rs.16915/-

SSC MTS 2024 Salary Allowance

An SSC MTS employee's salary is made up of different parts, like basic pay, extras, and extra perks. Let's dive into some important parts and plans that add up to an SSC MTS employee's pay:

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): This is a chunk of the basic pay, ranging from 24% to 8% based on where you live.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): It's another piece of the basic pay, going from 17% to 28% based on how prices change.
  • Transport Allowance (TA): This ranges from Rs. 1350 to Rs. 3600 monthly, depending on your city and job level.
  • Pension Scheme (NPS): This is for retirement, where both you and your employer put money into an account for later.
  • Insurance Scheme (CGHS and CGEGIS): These cover medical care and life insurance for you and your family, with the premium taken from your salary.
  • Post Retirement Benefits: After retiring, SSC MTS folks get things like a pension, provident fund, gratuity, and leave cash-in. These give retired employees and their families financial support. The pension gives regular money, while the provident fund is a savings pot you can use when you stop working. Gratuity is a one-time payment, and leave cash-in lets you get paid for days off you didn't use

SSC MTS 2024 Salary Benefits

The take-home pay for MTS Staff can vary from Rs. 16,915 to Rs. 20,245, depending on the city category they work in. They're also entitled to other benefits and bonuses according to government rules, including:

  • Pension Scheme: MTS employees get a lifelong pension through the National Pension Scheme (NPS), with a portion deducted from their monthly salary.
  • Medical Coverage: They receive medical benefits for themselves and their families.
  • Yearly Raises: They get salary increases each year, and they're also affected by the latest pay commission changes.
  • Transfer Allowance (TA): When they move to a new location, they receive TA based on their basic pay.
  • Uniform Allowance: Those in departments like CBIC and CBDT, where uniforms are needed, get annual allowances for uniforms.

SSC MTS Job Promotions

After working for a certain number of years, candidates will move up to higher positions. Typically, candidates can expect to be promoted to Lower Division Clerk (LDC) after gaining 5-6 years of work experience.

SSC MTS Career Growth and Job Promotion
Promotion Years of Service Increment
First Promotion After 3 years of service Rs.1900/-
Second Promotion After 3 years of service Rs. 2000/-
Third Promotion After 3 years of service Rs.1900/-
Final Promotion Continues up to 5400/- rupees

SSC MTS employees typically advance to the role of Lower Division Clerk (LDC) after completing 5-6 years of service, usually by default. However, they might achieve this promotion even before taking the exam. The career path for MTS can lead up to becoming a Section Officer (SO) by the time they retire. MTS offers matriculated candidates a chance to build a respected and secure career. By performing well in the SSC MTS Exam, candidates can secure their career advancement, promotions, and salary increases based on their performance.


According to the notification, candidates receive a basic grade pay of Rs. 1800/- after completing the SSC MTS Recruitment process.

In addition to the SSC MTS Salary 2024, candidates who are recruited will also be entitled to other benefits like the pension scheme, medical benefits, and more.

The take-home pay for the SSC MTS post can vary from Rs. 16,915/- to Rs. 20,245/- depending on the category of the city they are assigned to. Additionally, SSC MTS staff receive other perks and benefits as per the central government regulations.

After completing 5 years of service, an SSC MTS employee can anticipate a salary increase based on the annual increment rate, which typically hovers around 3%.

An SSC MTS employee can ask for a change in job profile or department, but it depends on whether there are openings and if it gets approved.

Yes, the SSC MTS salary structure differs across regions depending on the cost of living.

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