Refund Policy

Class24 respects its users and is always eager to assist them to have valuable educational products. We keep the significance of your purchase of products in our heart and soul. Class24 fulfills the complete user satisfaction as its one of the key features.

Leaving the quantity aside, we believe on quality based educational stuff for competitive exams. Before reaching out to you, our products go through the several process of testing. Although, we acknowledge ‘No Refund policy’, in some cases we offer the full advantage to the customers.

Conditions Under The Refund Policy Are As Follow

Note : There will be no refund for any Online Test Series (OTS) and Video Courses. You can take demo tests before purchasing the Online Test Series.

  1. Refund will be made in case of technical issues due to which you are unable to access the educational material. First, we will try to solve those technical issues and if the issues remain same, we will refund money.

We value your relationship with us and we will be glad to grow your learning experience. For more information, queries and product details get in touch with us at and whatsapp/call us at +07314621120. We will get back to you as soon as possible.