The SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2024 will provide valuable insights for candidates preparing for upcoming shifts. The SSC CGL Recruitment notification 2024 is now available online, with the application deadline set for July 24, 2024. Analyzing the SSC CGL exam will assist in predicting the SSC CGL 2024 cutoff. It's a crucial aspect of SSC CGL preparation, offering real-time feedback from candidates who appeared in the exam.

The SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2024 is vital for understanding the paper's difficulty level and assessing good attempts. The Tier 1 round of the SSC CGL exam 2024 is scheduled from September to October 2024, with four shifts each day. The detailed SSC CGL Exam Analysis for each shift provides an accurate overview, aiding candidates in gauging the exam's difficulty level and determining good attempts.

Candidates can access a comprehensive analysis and memory-based questions for every shift of the SSC CGL exam. The Tier-I exam comprises four sections: General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language. 

The analysis for both tiers will be promptly furnished following the examination. For reference, Given below is the day-wise previous year's exam analysis of SSC CGL tier 1 and tier 2:

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2023 for Tier 1

According to candidates' assessments, the difficulty level of shift 1 in the SSC CGL exam ranged from Easy to Moderate. Quantitative Aptitude was perceived as less demanding in terms of calculations and time consumption. Both the English and Reasoning sections were relatively straightforward. The General Awareness section was considered moderate in difficulty. Detailed analysis of the SSC CGL tier 1 2023 exam can be found below.

Sections Number of questions Good attempt Difficulty level
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 19 - 22 Moderate
General Awareness 25 17-20 Easy to moderate
Quantitative Aptitude 25 16 - 19 Moderate to difficult
English Comprehension 25 18-23 Easy
Total 100 65-70 Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2023 for Tier 2

Subjects Good Attempts Memory-Based Questions Difficulty Level
Mathematical Abilities 22-24
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Mensuration
Easy to Moderate
Reasoning and General Intelligence 21-23
  • Seating arrangement
  • 3 questions statement based
  • Syllogisms
  • Odd one out
  • Number series
  • Non-Verbal reasoning- 3 questions
  • Data Sufficiency
Easy to Moderate
English Language and Comprehension 35-37
  • Three passages questions
  • Close test
  • para jumbles
  • Easy
General Awareness 15-17
  • Benzene formula
  • Aurangzeb death
  • CCFL full form
  • "Fearless book" author name
  • Playing to Win author name
  • Argentina Capital
  • Monetary Protocol
  • Right to Property
  • Bones in face and legs
  • GDP
  • Satellite
  • Atal Pension Yojna
  • Flagship program
Computer Knowledge Test 12-15
  • Virus full form
  • Hard disk
  • full form of PDF, DVD, CRT & LCD
  • HTML questions
  • Cache memory
  • peripheral devices
Easy to Moderate
  • RAM
  • Hyperlink shortcut
Overall 105-116   Easy to Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2022 for Tier 2

According to the SSC CGL exam analysis tier 2 paper, the overall difficulty level of the paper ranged from easy to moderate. The paper's standard was not overly challenging, featuring mostly typical questions with some new additions. However, hard copies of the question paper were not readily available post-exam, so the following questions are based on submissions from users.

General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) - Easy to Moderate (20 questions)

  • The paper covered topics such as the Supreme Court, fundamental rights (dating back to 1215 with King John and the Magna Carta), specified in Part 3, Article 12-35.
  • Article 226 was discussed, relating to the writ-issuing power of the high court.
  • Article 32 was examined, focusing on the right to constitutional remedies.
  • Questions regarding the President (identifying incorrect options), GDP and GNP, musical instruments and dance forms, and historical events like the Battle of Panipat in 1520 and the war between Prithviraj Chauhan and Md. Ghori in 1191 were included.
  • The paper also addressed contemporary topics such as the 1857 revolt (Barrackpore and Meerut Cantonment), recent amendments to the constitution 
  • The examination covered the 102nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 2018 concerning the National Commission for Backward Classes, the 101st Constitutional Amendment Act of 2016 regarding GST, and historical figures such as the 2nd Vice President of India.
  • Additionally, topics like genetic diseases and matching alcohols and ethers were addressed.

Mathematics - Straightforward

  • 2 questions on Time and Work
  • 1 question on Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  • 1 question concerning Mixtures

Computers - Complex and Challenging

  • SI-ISO relationship: Identifying the device operating at the Data Link Layer
  • Cache Memory: 2 inquiries
  • Gmail operation
  • GUI-Based Operating System
  • Printer hardware
  • Network Security: Focus on Trojan Horse
  • Network Storage inquiries
  • Purpose of Print Preview feature
  • Num Lock+ shortcut key
  • Storage device with a prolonged data restoration process
  • Fastest memory: Cache Memory
  • Role of modem in internet connectivity
  • Requirement of agents and users when sender and receiver are on the same device
  • Location of Dialog Box form in MS Word under which tab (Fonts)

English - Manageable to Moderately Challenging (45 questions)

  • Questions 35-40 focus on comprehension (including passage title, tone, and Antonyms & Synonyms).
  • 4-5 questions on cloze test (notably challenging).
  • Error detection questions addressing tense issues.
  • Sentence improvement with emphasis on "Than" usage.
  • Single-word substitution.
  • Example: An individual fluent in speech is termed as "articulate."
  • Term for a storage location for grains is "granary."
  • Idioms and phrases, such as "bite the bullet" and "bury the hatchet."
  • Antonyms and synonyms.


The most optimal approach to preparing for the SSC CGL exam involves crafting a well-thought-out plan and then diligently executing it with integrity and regularity. Crafting an effective plan entails tailoring a study schedule that takes into account practical considerations and addresses the candidate's preferences. This plan should encompass thorough coverage of all SSC CGL syllabus topics, regular revision, and dedicated practice with mock test papers. Furthermore, the crucial factor of honesty and steadfastness significantly enhances the effectiveness of the plan, as maintaining consistency ensures steady progress.

The Staff Selection Commission is anticipated to hold the SSC CGL 2024 Tier 1 examination in August/September. The specific exam dates for SSC CGL 2024 will either be provided in the official notification or prior to the closure of SSC CGL 2024 applications. Candidates can access the SSC CGL 2024 exam analysis following the first shift on the initial exam day. The SSC CGL 2024 notification is projected to be published online on June 11, 2024, with the application deadline set for July 11, 2024.

The quantity of viable attempts in the SSC CGL Tier 2 examination of 2024 hinges upon the complexity of the question paper and the availability of vacancies. Yearly, the count of viable attempts varies across different shifts. By referring to the previous years' SSC CGL cutoff, candidates can discern the optimal number of attempts for the SSC CGL Tier 2 examination of 2024.

Indeed, a dedicated commitment spanning approximately one year has the potential to lead to success in the SSC CGL examination.

The current affairs section typically comprises 4-6 questions covering a range of topics such as Government Schemes, Policies, Notable Figures, Sports, and occasionally, inquiries related to musical instruments, cultural awareness, and art and craft may also be included.

The overall difficulty level of the SSC CGL exam is generally categorized as easy to moderate. Among the sections, the Quantitative Aptitude section is commonly regarded as the most challenging, while the English section is perceived as the easiest.

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