If you're preparing for the SSC CGL Exam 2024, you're likely aware of different SSC CGL Posts in various government departments and ministries. In this guide, we'll explore the different SSC CGL Job profile and responsibilities. Whether you're wondering about specific SSC CGL Posts, the complete list, or the most desirable ones, this guide has you covered. Each role has unique qualifications, profiles, and remunerations. Positions include Assistant Audit Officer, Junior Statistical Officer, Auditor, Assistant, Inspector, and more. However, details like qualifications, salary, and pay scales vary by position and are outlined in the official notification along with the number of vacancies.

Table below is a comprehensive list of SSC CGL Posts and their description, classification and department for different ssc cgl posts:

SSC CGL Posts Department/Ministry SSC CGL Job Description Classification of SSC CGL Posts
Assistant Audit Officer Indian Audit & Accounts Department under C&AG Assistant Audit Officer Indian Audit & Accounts Department under C&AG Required to help with audits in government or public sector organizations and travel for inspections Grade B
Assistant Accounts Officer Indian Audit & Accounts Department under C&AG Job involves entering, processing, and recording data, plus helping with audits or verifying facts. Group B
Assistant Section Officer Central Secretariat Service, Intelligence Bureau It is a desk job and the lowest post in the Central Secretariat Services Grade B
Assistant Other Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations Different clerical responsibilities in different departments. Compiling files, reports, keeping track of ongoing cases, etc. Grade B
Inspector of Income Tax CBDT Assessing Income Tax payable by people or companies. Managing TDS and refund claim Grade C
Inspector (Central Excise) CBIC Checking if there is any kind of invasion of excise duty, preventing smuggling & assisting raid teams Grade B
Assistant Enforcement Officer Directorate of Enforcement Preventing forgery and money laundering Grade B
Sub Inspector Central Bureau of Investigation Main responsibility is to gather information and make enquiry and investigations Grade B
Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Illegal manufacture and transport of opium Grade B
Junior Statastical Officer M/o Statistics & Programme Implementation Assisting the Statistical Officer in drafting documents, data entry and tabulation Grade B
Statastical Investigator Grade - II Registrar General of India Drafting Documents, preparing survey reports, editing and compiling existing data Grade B
Auditor Offices under C&AG, CGDA Audit expense details of the State Departments Grade C
Accountant Other Ministry/ Departments Passing of various bills, salary allowances, office expenses, pension-related issues Grade C
Senior Secretariat Assistant Central Govt. Offices/ Ministries other than CSCS cadres Clerical level post. Requires employee to maintain files & data entry Grade C
Tax Assistant CBDT/ CBIC Access, modify and verify tax of individual or business Grade C
Upper Division Clerk Government Departments Maintain files, financial documents and accounts Grade C

The SSC CGL Posts  outlines the duties and responsibilities for each role, offering valuable information for candidates preparing for the SSC Combined Graduate Level exam. The job profiles include tasks like aiding audits in public sector organizations, overseeing tax affairs, and enforcing regulations, covering a wide range of duties.

It's important to note that all SSC CGL posts offer great opportunities for career growth and progression. Candidates should understand that every position through the SSC Combined Graduate Level exam provides paths for advancement within the organization. The SSC CGL Posts Description highlights the potential for professional development in each role. By understanding the SSC CGL Posts Description, candidates can better prepare for their future careers. The detailed SSC CGL Posts Description helps candidates set clear goals and expectations for their roles.


The different job posts available through SSC CGL include Assistant Audit Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer, Inspector (Central Excise, Income Tax, Preventive Officer), Sub-Inspector (CBI, NIA), and more.

No, eligibility to apply for the SSC CGL exam requires candidates to hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized University or Institution.

Determine the most suitable SSC CGL post based on your qualifications and career aspirations.

Educational requirements for each SSC CGL posts vary, ranging from a bachelor's degree to specialized qualifications.

Career growth prospects in SSC CGL posts offer opportunities for advancement and higher-level positions.

Promotion opportunities within SSC CGL posts depend on performance and eligibility criteria set by authorities.

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