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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.



Meaning: Strong and Healthy / तगड़ा और स्‍वस्‍थ

Antonym: Impotent, Incapable, Ineffective, Small, Unstable

Synonym: Hale, Healthy, Sound, Well, Wholesome

Example: A robust pair of walking boots

Related words:

Noun: Robustness

Adjective: Robust

Verb: Robustify

Adverb: Robustly



Meaning: A very large amount of something, usually more than is needed or can be used / आवश्यकता से अधिक; भरमार; प्रचुरता; बाहुलता; आधिक्य

Antonym: Lack, Scarcity, Shortage, Want, Rarity.

Synonym: Deluge, Excess, Glut, Overabundance, Plenty

Example: There's a plethora of books about the royal family.

Related words:

Noun: Plethora

Adjective: Plethoric

Adverb: Plethorically



Meaning: To follow somebody/something in order to catch him/her/it  /  किसी का पीछा करना (उसे पकड़ने के लिए) Antonym: Avoid, Flee, Aid, Assist, Be lazy.

Synonym: Go after, Run-after, Follow, Chase

Example: He said his country would continue to pursue the policies laid down at the summit.

Related Words:

Noun: Pursuit

Adjective: Pursuable

Verb: Pursue

Adverb: Pursuant


Meaning: Very large or great / बहुत बड़ा या अधिक

Antonym: Tiny, Small, Slight, Soft

Synonym: Huge, Enormous, Immense, Colossal, Massive

Example: He has a tremendous amount of energy.

Related words:

Noun: Tremendously

Adjective: Tremendous



Meaning: Strong enough to deal with illness, a shock, change, etc. / रोग, आघात, परिवर्तन आदि से सँभलने में समर्थ; प्रतिस्‍कंदी, लचीला

Antonym: Delicate, Weak, Hard, Inflexible, Rigid.

Synonym: Strong, Tough, Hardy, Quick to recover

Example: This rubber ball is very resilient and immediately springs back into shape.

Related words:

Noun: Resiliency

Adjective: Resilient

Verb: Resile

Adverb: Resiliently



Meaning: To show something clearly by giving proof / प्रमाण देकर सिद्घ करना

Antonym: Conceal, Cover, Disprove, Hide.

Synonym: Evidence, Evince, Manifest, and Show.

Example: The latest test results clearly demonstrate that the vaccine works.

Related words:

Noun: Demonstration

Adjective: Demonstrative

Verb: Demonstrating

Adverb: Demonstrably



Meaning: (used about sound) The quality of being resonant / (ध्वनि के लिए प्रयुक्त) अनुनाद, गूँज

Antonym: Fidelity, Worthlessness, Infidelity, Unfaithfulness, Naturalness, Clarity

Synonym: Plangency, Reverberance, Ringing, Sonority, Sonorousness, Vibrancy.

Example: the resonance of the singer's voice

Related words:

Noun: Resonance

Adjective: Resonant

Verb: Resonate

Adverb: Resonantly



Meaning: to make something happen more quickly / प्रक्रिया को तेज़ करना; शीघ्रता करना

Antonym: Delay, Hinder

Synonym: Speed Up, Accelerate, Hurry, Hasten

Example: We're trying to expedite the process of reviewing applications.

Related words:

Noun: Expedition

Adjective: Expedite

Verb: Expediting

Adverb: Expeditely



Meaning: extremely pleased / अति प्रसन्‍न, बहुत ख़ुश

Antonym: Dismayed, Disappointed, Bored, Depressed, Sad.

Synonym: Glad, Happy, Joyful, Thrilled, Overjoyed

Example: The children were especially delighted that there were enough cookies for each of them to have two.

Related Words:

Noun: Delight

Adjective: Delighted

Verb: Delighting

Adverb: Delightfully



Meaning: much greater than usual or expected / सामान्‍य या प्रत्‍याशित से बहुत अधिक, अत्‍यधिक; अमर्यादित

Antonym: Moderate, Limited, Cheap, Logical, Low.

Synonym: Excessive, Undue, Unreasonable, Unjustifiable, Unwarrantable

Example: I waited an inordinate amount of time.

Related words:

Adjective: Inordinate

Adverb:  Inordinately

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