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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Sought: (Verb)

Meaning:  To try to find or get something.  (तलाश करना)

Synonym: Search For, Try to Find, Look For.  

Antonym: Unwanted, Unwelcome, Unloved.  

Example: No, I sought it out for the copies of his illustrations, not the words others have added.

Related words:


2. Deploy: (verb)

Meaning: To put soldiers or weapons in a position where they are ready to fight. (तैनात करना)

Synonym: Position, Station, Post, Place.

Antonym: Concentrate, Conclude, Finish, Conceal.  

Example: The troops were deployed for battle.

Related words:

Deployment, Deplorably, Deploying.

3. Apathy: (noun)

Meaning: The feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about anything. (अनिच्‍छा)

Synonym: Indifference, Unconcern, Passivity.

Antonym: Enthusiasm, Interest, Passion.   

Example: People have shown surprising apathy toward these important social problems.

Related words:

Apathetic, Apathetically.

4. Convened: (verb)

Meaning: To come together or to bring people together for a meeting, etc. (आयोजित करना)

Synonym: Summon, Call, Order, Hold.

Antonym:  Disperse, Divide, Scatter, Separate.

Example: We convened at the hotel for a seminar.

Related words:

Convening, Conventional.

5. Consensus: (noun)

Meaning: Agreement among a group of people. (सर्वसम्मति)

Synonym: Agreement, Harmony, Concord, Concurrence.   

Antonym: Disagreement, Denial, Dissension, Opposition.

Example: Everyone on the council seems to understand the need for consensus.

Related words:

Consensual, Consentingly.

6. Franchise: (noun)

Meaning: Official permission to sell a company’s goods or services in a particular area. (मताधिकार)

Synonym: Warrant, Charter, Licence, Permit  

Antonym: Deny, Disallow, Disapprove, Halt.  

Example: She was granted an exclusive franchise in the city's west end.

Related words:

Franchised, Franchising.

7. Concrete: (adjective)

Meaning: Real or Definite. (यथार्थ प्रत्‍यक्ष)

Synonym: Solid, Material, Real, Physical.  

Antonym:  Abstract, Theoretical, Imaginary.

Example: The posts have to be set in concrete.

Related words:

Concretive, Concretely.

8. Deliberations: (noun)

Meaning: Discussion or thinking about something in detail. (विस्‍तृत विचार-विमर्श)

Synonym: Thought, Thinking, Consideration, Reflection.  

Antonym: Haste, Accidental, Impulsive, Precipitate.  

Example: After hours of deliberation, the council came to a decision.

Related words:

Deliberative, Deliberated, Deliberating.

9. Unanimously: (adverb)

Meaning: Being of one mind. (एकमत होकर)

Synonym: With One Mind, To A Man, Bar None  

Antonym: Differently, Divergently, Opposite.  

Example: The audience unanimously rose to its feet in a standing ovation.

Related words:

Unanimous, Unanimity.

10. Initiative: (noun)

Meaning:  Official action that is taken to solve a problem or improve a situation. (पहल)

Synonym:  Enterprise, Inventiveness, Resourcefulness, Capability.

Antonym: Cowardice, Idleness, Inactivity, Indifference.  

Example: There's talk of a new peace initiative.

Related words:

Initiatory, Initiatively.

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