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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Sought: (Verb)

Meaning:  To try to find or get something.  (तलाश करना)

Synonym: Search For, Try to Find, Look For.  

Antonym: Unwanted, Unwelcome, Unloved.  

Example: No, I sought it out for the copies of his illustrations, not the words others have added.

Related words:


Trick: He is trying to sought the reason why they fought

2. Sanctions (noun)

Meaning:  Official permission to do or change something. (मंज़ूरी)

Antonym:  Reward, Prohibition, Ban

Synonym:  Penalty, Punishment, Deterrent

Example: The government has sanctioned the use of force.

Related words:

Sanctioned, Sanctioning

Trick: He is sanction for his action.

3. Initiated: (verb)

Meaning: Cause (a process or action) to begin. (आरंभ करना)

Synonym: Begin, Commence, Inaugurate, Institute

Antonym: Block, Cease, Close, Complete

Example: Doctors have initiated a series of tests to determine the cause of the problem.

Related Words:

Initiate, Initiating

Trick: We are initiated for the recruited work.

4. Haste: (noun)

Meaning: Be quick to do something. (जल्दी करना)

Synonym: Accelerate, Expedite, Precipitate, Quicken

Antonym: Check, Decelerate, Halt, Hinder

Example: The president hastened to reassure his people that he was in perfect health.

Related Words:

Hastened, Hastening

Trick: He hasten to purchase the golden chain.

5. Executed: (verb)

Meaning: The carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action. (क्रियान्वयन)

Synonym: Accomplish, Achieve, Discharge, Effect

Antonym: Clemency, Commutation, Forbearance, Forgiveness

Example: He was sentenced to execution by firing squad, but given life imprisonment because he had already served 12 years.

Related Words:

Executory, Execution

Trick: The plan is executed and exerted carefully.

6. Allegedly: (adverb)

Meaning: Said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality. (कथित)

Synonym: Supposed, Professed, Purported, Apparent

Antonym: Proved, Verifiable, Stated, Tried-And-True.

Example: But sometimes there is also an element of fraud from the alleged victim.

Related Words:

Allegation, Allegedly

Trick: He was alleged by the managed workers.

7. Prevailing: (adjective)

Meaning: Existing at a particular time. (प्रचलित)

Synonym: Current, Predominant, Prevalent, Rampant

Antonym: Limited, Uncommon, Unfixed, Individual

Example: The town is kept cool by the prevailing westerly winds.

Related Words:


Trick: He was prevailing during the sailing.

8. Competent: (adjective)

Meaning: Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully. (सक्षम)

Synonym: Adequate, Capable, Decent, Efficient

Antonym: Impotent, Incapable, Incompetent, Inept

Example: She has shown herself to be a highly competent manager.

Related Words:

Competence, Competently

Trick: I am competent to face the subsequent things.

9. Perturbed: (adjective)

Meaning: Feeling anxiety or concern. (क्षुब्ध)

Synonym: Bothered, Flustered, Upset, Anxious

Antonym: Reassure, Unperturbed, Calm, Composed

Example: She was so perturbed that she forgot to say goodbye.

Related Words:

Perturbation, Perturbed

Trick: He is disturbed because he is feeling perturbed.

10. Residence: (noun)

Meaning: A person's home, especially a large and impressive one. (निवास स्थान)

Synonym: Apartment, Condo, Dwelling, Hall

Antonym: Business, Industry, Office

Example: He recently ended his residence at the apartment complex.

Related Words:

Resident, Residing, Resided, Residential

Trick: There is existence of any residence.

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