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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Excise: (noun)

Meaning: A tax levied on certain goods and commodities produced or sold within a country and on licences granted for certain activities. (उत्पाद शुल्क)

Synonym: Surcharge, Tariff, Customs, Duty

Antonym: Tax, Levy, Impose, Fine

Example: New car buyers will be hit by increases in taxes and excise.

Related Words:

Excised, Excising

Trick: Excise vo exercise h jo har company karti h

2. Awareness: (noun)

Meaning: Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.  (अवगत)

Synonym: Alive, Appreciative, Apprehensive, Attentive

Antonym: Unaware, Ignorant, Oblivious

Example: Smokers are well aware of the dangers to their own health.

Related Words:


Trick: The awareness to decrease carelessness should raise.

3. Irregularities: (noun)

Meaning: The state or quality of being irregular. (अनियमितता)

Synonym: Distortion, Flaw, Inconsistency, Aberration

Antonym: Perfection, Conformity, Continuation, Regularity

Example: We uncovered irregularities in the town's finances.

Related Words:

Irregularity, Irregular

Trick: Irregularities kum karne ko responsibilities samajhni chahiye

4. Scrapped: (noun)

Meaning: A small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used. (रद्दी)

Synonym: Fragment, Piece, Bit, Offcut

Antonym: Agreement, Harmony, Peace, Truce

Example: He jotted it down on a scrap of paper.

Trick: he was trapped in the scrapped area

Related Words:


Trick: The maid wrapped the scrapped pieces.

5. Laundering: (verb)

Meaning: Conceal the origins of (money obtained illegally) (शोधन)

Synonym: Clean, Administration, Management

Antonym: Dirty, Bedraggled, Begrimed

Example: Hunsaker was laundering the profits through his bank.

Related Words:

Launder, Launderer

Trick: Company’s administrating ke aad me laundering karti h.

6. Probe: (noun)

Meaning: A blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body. (जांच)

Synonym: Investigation, Examination, Inquest, Scrutiny

Antonym: Gentle, Idiotic, Kind, Nice.

Example: He didn't like the police probing him about his past.

Related Words:


Trick: You have to probe through this telescope.

7. Colluded: (verb)

Meaning: cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over others. (सांठगांठ)

Synonym: connive, intrigue, plot, conspire

Antonym: forget, neglect, disapproval

Example: The companies were accused of acting in collusion to fix prices.

Related Words:

Collusion, Collusive, colluding

Trick: He is concluded in the colluded group.

8. Hatched: (verb)

Meaning: Open and produce a young animal. (बनाना)

Synonym: Breed, Conceive, Concoct, Devise

Antonym: Destroy, Discourage, Disorganize, Dissuade

Example: There is also some effect on the viability of larvae after hatching.

Related Words:


Trick: The egg is hatched and the chick is detached

9. Anarchy: (noun)

Meaning: A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems. (अराजकता)

Synonym: Chaos, Confusion, Disorder, Disorganization

Antonym: Calm, Harmony, Order, Peace

Example: What we are witnessing is the country's slow slide into anarchy.

Related Words:

Anarchistic, Anarchize, Anarchically

Trick: The anarchy occurs in absence hierarchy.

10. Lodged: (adjective)

Meaning: Flattened by wind or rain. (दर्ज कराई)

Synonym: Blocked, Clogged, Swollen, Wedged

Antonym: Impermanent, Unfixed, Clear, Empty

Example: The workers were lodged in temporary camps.

Related Words:


The fields are lodged and clogged by the wind.

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