Today Vocabulary - 19 April 2023

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Today Vocabulary - 19 April 2023

1. Detained: (verb)
Meaning: To force someone officially to stay in a place (नजरबंद)
Synonym: Circumscribed, Cramped, Imprisoned, Restrained
Antonym: Healthy, Well , Free, Liberated
Example: They were detained by the police for questioning.
Related Words:
Detention, Detainable, Detaining
Trick: The criminal is detained and cannot be retained.

2. Protest: (noun)
Meaning: A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. (विरोध)
Synonym: Objection, Exception, Complaint, Disapproval.
Antonym: Support, Approval, Harmony, Peace.
Example: The decision was protested by dozens of people.
Related words:
Protested, Protesting
Trick: They test the protest.

3. Alleged: (adjective)
Meaning: Said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality. (कथित)
Synonym: Supposed, Professed, Purported, Apparent
Antonym: Proved, Verifiable, Stated, Tried-And-True.
Example: But sometimes there is also an element of fraud from the alleged victim.
Related Words:
Allegation, Allegedly
Trick: He was alleged by the managed workers.

4. Scrapped: (noun)
Meaning: A small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used. (रद्दी)
Synonym: Fragment, Piece, Bit, Offcut
Antonym: Agreement, Harmony, Peace, Truce
Example: He jotted it down on a scrap of paper.
Trick: he was trapped in the scrapped area
Related Words:
Trick: The maid wrapped the scrapped pieces.

5. Enforcement: (noun)
Meaning: The act of compelling observance of or compliance with a law, rule, or obligation. (प्रवर्तन)
Synonym: Imposition, Implementation, Application, Administration
Antonym: Abandon, Disregard, Forgetfulness, Neglect
Example: The enforcement of such regulations may be difficult where monitoring is poor or testing is accessed from foreign jurisdictions.
Related words:
Enforced, Enforceable
Trick: The enforcement is the main requirement.

6. Deployment: (noun)
Meaning: To put soldiers or weapons in a position where they are ready to fight. (तैनात करना)
Synonym: Position, Station, Post, Place.
Antonym: Concentrate, Conclude, Finish, Conceal.  
Example: The troops were deployed for battle.
Related words:
Deplorably, Deploying.
Trick: Assembly me boys ko deploy kiya

7. Personnel: (noun)
Meaning: People employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking such as military service. (कार्मिक)
Synonym: Cadre, Crew, Group, Organization
Antonym: Pull, Attract, Repulsion, Attraction
Example: They've reduced the number of personnel working on the project.
Trick: The personnel are optional.

8. Reached: (verb)
Meaning: Stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something. (पहुँच गया)
Synonym:  Captured, Collected, Seized, Accomplished
Antonym:  Deprived, Forfeited, Lost
Example:  She reached the conclusion that there was no more she could do.
Related Words:
Trick: Thieves reached and breached the area.

9. Scam: (noun)
Meaning: A dishonest scheme. (घोटाला)
Synonym: Blackmail, Deceit, Deception, Extortion
Antonym: Candor, Honesty, Ingenuousness, Sincerity
Example: She was the victim of an insurance scam.
Related Words:
Trick: Hacker spam to scam people.

10. Investigation: (noun)
Meaning: Carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, etc.) so as to establish the truth. (जांच)
Synonym: Consider, Examine, Explore, Inspect
Antonym: Answer, Forget, Ignore, Neglect
Example: The police are still investigating the murder.
Related Words:
Investigated, Investigating
Trick: The investigating team is interacting with suspects.


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