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Here are 10 words to learn that will expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

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Complication (noun)

Meaning- a thing that makes a situation more complicated or difficult (फंस)

Synonym- Difficulty, Confusion, Intricacy

Antonym- Simplicity, Peace, Clarity

Example- The negotiations stalled when complications arose.

Reveal (verb)

Meaning- to make something known to somebody (प्रकट होना)

Synonym- Disclose, Expose, Uncover

Antonym- Conceal, Hide, Cover

Example- She would not reveal the secret.

Staggering (adj.)

Meaning- shocking or surprising that it is difficult to believe (चौंका देने वाला)

Synonym- Astounding, Stunning, Amazing

Antonym- Unremarkable, Unimpressive, Boring

Example- It costs a staggering $50,000 per week to keep the museum open to the public.

Banal (adj.)

Meaning- very ordinary and containing nothing that is interesting or important (साधारण)

Synonym- Commonplace, Tired

Antonym- New, Original, Fresh

Example- He made some banal remarks about the weather.

Plastered (noun)

Meaning- a substance made of lime, water and sand, that is put on walls and ceilings to give them a smooth hard surface (मदहोश)

Synonym- Stiff, Lit

Antonym- Straight, Revealed

Example- I got totally plastered at the party.

Convey (verb)

Meaning- to make ideas, feelings, etc. known to somebody (पहुँचाना)

Synonym- Communicate,

Antonym- Keep, Withhold, Refrain

Example- His poetry conveys a great sense of religious devotion

Terrifying (adj.)

Meaning- ​making somebody feel extremely frightened (भयंकर)

Synonym- Horrifying, Terrific, Scary

Antonym- Reassuring, Delightful, Pleasing

Example- She couldn't stop thinking about how terrifying his last few seconds must have been.

Barrage (noun)

Meaning- a large number of something, such as questions or comments, that are directed at somebody very quickly, one after the other, often in an aggressive way (बांध)

Synonym- Bombardment, Onslaught, Hail

Antonym- Defense, Dribble, Trickle

Example- He unleashed a barrage of insults.

Defeat (verb)

Meaning- to stop something from being successful (हार)

Synonym- Overcome, Rout, Overthrow

Antonym- Victory, Success, Triumph

Example- We lost to their team last year, but this year we're going to defeat them.

Withdrawal (noun)

Meaning- the act of moving or taking something away or back (प्रत्याहरण)

Synonym- Retreat, Departure, Exit

Antonym- Arrival, Entrance, Stay

Example- She made a withdrawal from her checking account.

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