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Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is slated to conduct Sub Inspector (SI) interview from 23rd January. This is a crucial stage for those who had been declared successful in the written exams as the marks scored in interview will play a vital role in deciding the merit and even if you score well in written and fail to score well in interview phase your ranking in the merit list may suffer.

Don’t worry educators and experienced individuals at Class24 are at your disposal to guide you through this and chalk out a perfect strategy to pass the interview phase as well with flying colours.

Here are a few pointers that will help you boost your score in the interview phase:

  1. Keep your confidence high.
  2. Keep your general outlook constitutional and your personal preferences must not affect your professional arena. Keep a sensitive outlook towards environment, marginalised section and gender equality. These are the central ethos that a person going for civil service posts must try to inculcate.
  3. Go through the preamble and fundamental rights by heart and understand their intricacies.
  4. You must be well versed with the social, historical, geographical etc. aspects of your home district.
  5. Get yourself well versed with the core contemporary issues bogging down the police service and the possible solutions.
  6. Keep your reasons for going into the police service clear, this may be asked in the exam as well as will serve you well when some sticky situation arises after you are inducted into the service.  This will help keep you highly motivated to serve the society at every time.
  7. Follow any two reputed newspapers and go through those daily.

The general pointers include taking proper sleep before the day of the exam, having light and healthy diet on the day of the exam, following your daily routine without disturbing it.

If you follow these pointers then you will definitely be able to pass this exam with flying colours and will be able to achieve the post of your dreams. For more such updates, stay tuned to this space.

Thank you and All the Best!!

Rajasthan SI Interview | How to Score Maximum Marks in SI Interview? by Sunil Sir

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