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Welcome to Class24’s GK Questions Section. This section is a category-wise archive of Class24’s GK Questions – 2021-22 in MCQs format on various subjects and states. This section is suitable for aspirants preparing for SSC-CGL and State Level Examinations of various states and also UPSC conducted NDA/ CDS/ IFS/ IES / CSE etc. examinations.

General Knowledge is an important part of any curriculum for any course or exam. It plays a vital role in day-to-day life as well. A person well versed with the basic concepts of general knowledge is able to take informed decisions in life and can add value to any conversation. Moreover it inculcates a sense of responsibility which helps us become model citizens and take initiative in building the nation. General Knowledge covers a vast variety of subjects which cover almost everything under the sun. The main gripe of the students preparing for any exam is to gauge the right strategy to cover such topics. Don’t worry our GK questions will help you a bit in your preparation journey.

Constitution of India guarantees which of the following to the states of India?

[A] Territorial Integrity

[B] Sovereignty

[C] Right to secede from Union

[D] None of them

भारत का संविधान भारत के राज्यों को निम्नलिखित में से किसकी गारंटी देता है?

[ए] प्रादेशिक अखंडता

[ख] संप्रभुता

[C] संघ से अलग होने का अधिकार

[डी] इनमें से कोई नहीं

73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India, is related to which among the following?

[A] Townships

[B] Panchayats

[C] Municipalities

[D] District Boards

भारत के संविधान का 73वां संशोधन निम्नलिखित में से किससे संबंधित है?

[ए] टाउनशिप

[] पंचायत

[सी] नगर पालिका

[डी] जिला बोर्ड

Till now, the Preamble of Constitution of India has been amended for how many times?

[A] Never

[B] Once

[C] Twice

[D] Thrice

भारत के संविधान की प्रस्तावना में अब तक कितनी बार संशोधन किया जा चुका है?

[ए] कभी नहीं

[] एक बार

[सी] दो बार

[डी] तीन बार

Pyithu Hluttaw is the lower house of the parliament of which among the following countries?

[A] Myanmar

[B] Thailand

[C] Cambodia

[D] Vietnam

पाइथू ह्लुटाव निम्नलिखित में से किस देश की संसद का निचला सदन है?

[] म्यांमार

[बी] थाईलैंड

[सी] कंबोडिया

[डी] वियतनाम

With which of the following countries National People’s Congress is related to ?


[B] UK

[C] China

[D] Germany

निम्नलिखित में से किस देश से नेशनल पीपुल्स कांग्रेस का संबंध है?

[ए] यूएसए

[बी] यूके

[सी] चीन

[डी] जर्मनी

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