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Welcome to Class24’s GK Questions Section. This section is a category-wise archive of Class24’s GK Questions – 2021-22 in MCQs format on various subjects and states. This section is suitable for aspirants preparing for SSC-CGL and State Level Examinations of various states and also UPSC conducted NDA/ CDS/ IFS/ IES / CSE etc. examinations.

Which Constitutional Amendment gave Right to Education to children in India?

[A] 86th

[B] 90th

[C] 91st

[D] 97th

किस संविधान संशोधन ने भारत में बच्चों को शिक्षा का अधिकार दिया?

[] 86वां

[ख] 90वां

[सी] 91वां

[डी] 97वां

Which of the following parts of Indian constitution has only one article?

[A] Part XVII

[B] Part XVIII

[C] Part XIX

[D] Part XX

भारतीय संविधान के निम्नलिखित में से किस भाग में केवल एक अनुच्छेद है?

[ए] भाग XVII

[बी] भाग XVIII

[सी] भाग XIX

[डी] भाग XX

Who called the Preamble as Political Horoscope of Indian Constitution?

[A] Thakurdas Bhargava

[B] N A Palkhi Wala

[C] K M Munshi

[D] Jawahar Lal Nehru

किसने प्रस्तावना को भारतीय संविधान की राजनीतिक कुंडली कहा है?

[ए] ठाकुरदास भार्गव

[बी] एन ए पालकी वाला

[सी] के एम मुंशी

[डी] जवाहर लाल नेहरू

Who among the following is appointed as the Returning Officer in President Elections?

[A] Election Commissioner

[B] Lok Sabha Secretary General

[C] Lok Sabha speaker

[D] A person nominated by Election Commission

निम्नलिखित में से किसे राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में रिटर्निंग ऑफिसर के रूप में नियुक्त किया जाता है?

[ए] चुनाव आयुक्त

[बी] लोकसभा महासचिव

[सी] लोकसभा अध्यक्ष

[D] चुनाव आयोग द्वारा मनोनीत व्यक्ति

Which act during British India provided financial grant for encouragement of Indian literature and promotion of science?

[A] Amendment Act of 1781

[B] Charter Act of 1813

[C] Charter Act of 1833

[D] Charter Act of 1853

ब्रिटिश भारत के दौरान किस अधिनियम ने भारतीय साहित्य के प्रोत्साहन और विज्ञान के प्रचार के लिए वित्तीय अनुदान प्रदान किया?

[ए] 1781 का संशोधन अधिनियम

[बी] 1813 का चार्टर अधिनियम

[सी] 1833 का चार्टर अधिनियम

[डी] 1853 का चार्टर अधिनियम

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