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Appeal: (verb)

Meaning: Make a serious, urgent, or heartfelt request. (याचना करना)

Synonym: Application, Bid, Call, Claim

Antonym: Answer, Reply, Denial, Disavowal

Example: The mayor made an appeal to the people of the city to stay calm.

Related Words:

Appealing, Appealed, Appealingly

Trick: He appeals for the meal.

Erupted: (verb)

Meaning: Become active and eject lava, ash, and gases. (फूटना)

Synonym: Appear, Burst, Detonate, Explode

Antonym: Contain, Restrain, Shut, Implosion

Example: The volcano erupted with tremendous force.

Related Words:

Eruption, Erupting

Trick: The boy aggression erupted on rusted cycle

Sophisticated: (adjective)

Meaning: having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. (जटिल)

Synonym: mature, practical, refined, worldly

Antonym: inexperienced, unrefined, unsophisticated, enchanted

Example: He's very suave and sophisticated.

Related Words:

Sophistication, sophisticatedly

Trick: The employee is sophisticated towards its implicated job

Deployed: (verb)

Meaning: To put soldiers or weapons in a position where they are ready to fight. (तैनात करना)

Synonym: Position, Station, Post, Place.

Antonym: Concentrate, Conclude, Finish, Conceal.  

Example: The troops were deployed for battle.

Related words:

Deployment, Deplorably, Deploying

Trick: Assembly me boys ko deploy kiya

Sought: (Verb)

Meaning:  To try to find or get something.  (तलाश करना)

Synonym: Search For, Try to Find, Look For.  

Antonym: Unwanted, Unwelcome, Unloved.  

Example: No, I sought it out for the copies of his illustrations, not the words others have added.

Related words:


Trick: He is trying to sought the reason why they fought

Convincing: (adjective)

Meaning: Capable of causing someone to believe that something is true or real. (ठोस)

Synonym: Cogent, Persuasive, Powerful, Potent

Antonym: Implausible, Impotent, Improbable, Ineffective

Example: Your argument isn't very convincing.

Related Words:

Convincement, Convinced, Convincingly

Trick: The man is convincing for placing the right thing.

Suspension: (noun)

Meaning: Imposed by a judge or court but not enforced as long as no further offence is committed within a specified period. (निलंबन)

Synonym: Adjournment, Interruption, Delay, Stay  

Antonym: Continuation, Resumption, Beginning, Opening

Example: He was angry about his suspension from the team.

Related words:


Trick: The suspension of the man caused him caution.

Monitored: (verb)

Meaning: Observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time. (नजर रखी)

Synonym: Coordinated, Managed, Organized, Standardized

Antonym: Indefinite, Unfixed, Confused, Disarranged

Example: We need to monitor the transaction of smaller deals.

Related Words:

Monitoring, Monitorial

Trick: Guards monitored the stored items.

Violence: (noun)

Meaning: Behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. (हिंसा)

Synonym: Assault, Attack, Clash, Confusion

Antonym: Calm, Health, Kindness, Method

Example: They need to learn how to settle their arguments without resorting to violence.

Related Words:


Trick: The violence needs maintenance.

Anonymity: (noun)

Meaning: The condition of being anonymous. (गुमनामी)

Synonym: Obscurity, Silence, Oblivion, Nowhere.

Antonym: Reputation, Fame, Notoriety, Celebrity

Example: They are trying to protect their child's anonymity.

Related Words:

Anonymous, Anonymized, Anonymizing, Anonymously

Trick: His anonymity is his quality.

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