Enhance your vocabulary with vocab words - 29th July 2023

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Enhance your vocabulary with vocab words - 29th July 2023

We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups, or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams, vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

Coalition: (noun)

Meaning: A temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government. (गठबंधन)

Synonym: Alliance, Affiliation, Caucus, Federation

Antonym: Detachment, Disengagement, Disjoining, Dissolution

Example: The groups united to form a coalition.

Related Words:


Trick: Coalition is increasing questions on parties.

Inclusive: (adjective)

Meaning:  the act of including (समावेश)

Synonym:  Incorporation, Addition, Insertion, Introduction, Involvement

Antonym:  Exclusion, Omission, Absence, Exception.

Example:  She is being considered for inclusion in the Olympic team.

Related words:

Inclusion, Inclusively

Trick: His inclusive nature is effective.

Alliance: (noun)

Meaning: A union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations. (संधि)

Synonym: Association, League, Compact, Concordat

Antonym: Dissociation, Disaffiliation, Separation, Severance

Example: We need to form a closer alliance between government and industry.

Related Words:


Trick: The alliance set up a recognizance.

Reiterating: (verb)

Meaning: Say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity. (दोहराया)

Synonym: Repeat, Restate, Retell, Iterate

Antonym: Differ, Oppose, Reverse.

Example: The government has reiterated its refusal to compromise with terrorists.

Related Words:

Reiteration, Reiterated

Trick: They reiterated the twisted work.

Dedicated: (adjective)

Meaning: Devoted to a task or purpose. (समर्पित)

Synonym: Committed, Devoted, Staunch, Stalwart

Antonym: Apathetic, Disloyal, Inconstant, Indifferent

Example: I dedicated ten years of my life to the project

Related Words:

Dedication, Dedicating

Trick: The firm was dedicated to achieve target as they illustrated everything.

Inaugurating: (noun)

Meaning: Begin or introduce (a system, policy, or period). (अभिषेक करना)

Synonym: Initiate, Begin, Start, Institute

Antonym: End, Wind Up, Conclude, Finish

Example: The new President will be inaugurated on January 20.

Related Words:

Inaugural, Inaugurated, Inaugurated

Trick: The inauguration is the main attraction.

Sacked: (verb)

Meaning: An act of dismissing someone from employment.  (बर्खास्त)

Synonym:  Bag, Cloth, Gunny, Wrapping

Antonym:  Contamination, Activation, Newness, Continuance

Example:  He drew his rifle from its sacking cover.

Related Words:


Trick: The employees were sacking cause of lacking in abilities

Expose: (verb)

Meaning: Not protected from the wind and bad weather (अनावृत)

Synonym: Bare, Defined, Disclosed, Discovered

Antonym: Clothed, Hidden, Ambiguous, Blocked

Example: the film had been exposed for too long

Related Words:

Exposing, Exposed

Trick: The guy posed badly when exposed

Recruitment: (noun)

Meaning: The process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job (भर्ती)

Synonym: Engagement, Enlistment, Enrollment, Employment

Antonym: Fun, Unemployment, Avocation, Entertainment

Example: The recruitment process has been really successful and all managers and team leaders have now been placed.

Related Words:

Recruited, Recruiting

Trick: The management is looking after recruitment

Attention: (noun)

Meaning: Notice taken of someone or something (ध्यान)

Synonym: Awareness, Notice, Observation, Consciousness

Antonym: Disregard, Indifference, Laziness, Lethargy

Example: We focused our attention on this particular poem

Related Words:

Attentive, Attentively

Trick: He was seeking attention from his actions.


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