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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups, or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams, vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

Restoration: (noun)

Meaning: The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition. (मरम्मत)

Synonym: Repairing, Fixing, Mending, Refurbishment

Antonym: Destruction, Abolition, Neglect

Example: The building is undergoing restoration.

Related Words:

Restoring, Restored

Trick: The restoration process needs escalation.

Seek: (verb)

Meaning: Attempt to find (something). (मांगना)

Synonym: Explore, Follow, Investigate, Pursue

Antonym: Ignore, Shun, Answer, Find

Example: The office is seeking a salesperson.

Related Words:


Trick: They are seeking for the streaking part.

Intervening: (verb)

Meaning: The act of interfering with the outcome or course especially of a condition or process (हस्‍तक्षेप)

Synonym: Interference, Mediation, Arbitration

Antonym: Combine, Connect, Join

Example: Military intervention in the crisis

Related Words:

Intervention, Interventional

Trick: He is doing the intervention during the inspection.

Endeavour: (verb)

Meaning: to try hard (प्रयास)

Synonym: aim, effort, enterprise, struggle

Antonym: idleness, inactivity, passivity, entertainment

Example: She always encourages her children in their artistic endeavours.

Related Words:


Trick: He endeavour to become the saviour.

Resident: (noun)

Meaning: A person's home, especially a large and impressive one. (निवास स्थान)

Synonym: Apartment, Condo, Dwelling, Hall

Antonym: Business, Industry, Office

Example: He recently ended his residence at the apartment complex.

Related Words:

Residence, Residing, Resided, Residential

Trick: There is existence of any residence.

Substantially: (adverb)

Meaning: Having a firm basis in reality and so important, meaningful, or considerable. (मूल)

Synonym: Considerable, Substantial, Significant, Sizeable

Antonym: Insignificant, Inconsequential, Nominal, Negligible

Example: These changes are more symbolic than substantive

Related Words:

Substantial, Substantive

Trick: The substantial information is confidential.

Eligible: (adjective)

Meaning: Having the right to do or obtain something. (योग्य)

Synonym: Acceptable, Likely, Qualified, Suitable

Antonym: Unacceptable, Improper, Inappropriate, Ineligible

Example: She is eligible to be (elected) president.

Related Words:

Eligibly, Eligibility

Trick: The man is eligible for the accountable work.

Compensation: (noun)

Meaning: Something, typically money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury. (मुआवज़ा)

Synonym: Allowance, Benefit, Bonus, Coverage

Antonym: Debt, Hurt, Loss, Penalty

Example: The court awarded the victims millions of dollars in compensation.

Related Words:

Compensated, Compensating

Trick: Precaution is must before compensation.

Comprehensive: (adjective)

Meaning: Including or dealing with all or nearly all elements or aspects of something. (विस्तृत)

Synonym: Broad, Complete, Encyclopedic, Exhaustive

Antonym: Empty, Incomplete, Limited, Narrow

Example: The Rough Guide to Nepal is a comprehensive guide to the region.

Related Words:

Comprehensiveness, Comprehend, Comprehensively

Trick: The substantive goals are comprehensive.

Submitted: (verb)

Meaning: Accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person. (प्रस्तुत)

Synonym: Succumbed, Conceded, Surrendered, Yielded

Antonym: Resisted, Contended, Fought, Met

Example: The recall was prompted by test reports submitted by the company itself.

Related Words:

Submission, Submitting

Trick: The submitted project was accepted.

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