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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups, or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams, vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Recruitment: (noun)

Meaning: The process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. (भर्ती)

Synonym: Engagement, Enlistment, Enrollment, Employment

Antonym: Fun, Unemployment, Avocation, Entertainment

Example: The recruitment process has been really successful and all managers and team leaders have now been placed.

Related Words:

Recruited, Recruiting

Trick: The management is looking after recruitment

2. Pertained: (verb)

Meaning: To exist or apply in a particular situation or at a particular time (संबंधित)

Synonym: Concern, Connected, Referring, Related

Antonym: Ignore, Disregard, Slight

Example: The laws pertaining to immigration.

Related Words:

Pertain, Pertaining

Trick: Ye situation unhi rules se pertaining h jinhe attain krna jaruri h.

3. Conference: (noun)

Meaning: A meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern. (सम्मेलन)

Synonym: Consultation, Discussion, Forum, Interview

Antonym: Silence, Quiet, Disassembly

Example: The organization held its annual conference in New York this year.

Related Words:


Trick: All the companies are showing their presence in the conference.

4. Criticism (noun)

Meaning:   What you think is bad about somebody/something. (आलोचना)

Synonym:  Censure, Reproval, Condemnation, Denunciation

Antonym:  Approve, Commend, Compliment, Exonerate.

Example: There was much public criticism directed at the senator.

Related words:

Critical, Criticize, Critically

Trick: The criticism can cause egoism.

5. Eligible: (adjective)

Meaning: Having the right to do or obtain something. (योग्य)

Synonym: Acceptable, Likely, Qualified, Suitable

Antonym: Unacceptable, Improper, Inappropriate, Ineligible

Example: She is eligible to be (elected) president.

Related Words:

Eligibly, Eligibility

Trick: The man is eligible for the accountable work.

6. Dispensation: (noun)

Meaning: Exemption from a rule or usual requirement. (व्यवस्था)

Synonym: Disbursement, Allotment, Appointment, Apportionment

Antonym: Disfavor, Hole, Denial, Veto

Example: The priest asked for dispensation from his vows.

Related Words:


Trick: This conversation is about the dispensation of the program.

7. Incidents: (noun)

Meaning: An instance of something happening; an event or occurrence. (घटनाएं)

Synonym: Circumstance, Episode, Event, Fact

Antonym: Cessation, Inaction, Inactivity, Stoppage

Example: Two people were shot yesterday in two separate incidents.

Related Words:


Trick: These incidents are subsequent.

8. Administration: (noun)

Meaning: Relating to the running of a business, organization, etc. (प्रशासनिक)

Synonym: Bureaucratic, Departmental, Governmental, Legislative

Antonym: Nonmanagerial, Nonsupervisory, Non-Administrative, Subordinate

Example: Administrative work occupies half of my time.

Related Words:

Administrative, Administered, Administering, Administratively

Trick: Kuch selective rules hi administrative policy m hote h.

9. Convenience: (noun)

Meaning: The quality of being easy, useful or suit able for somebody (उपयुक्तता)

Synonym: Benefit, Use, Good, Comfort.

Antonym: Damage, Difficulty, Disadvantage, Dissatisfaction.

Example: I enjoy the convenience of living near a post office.

Related words:

Convenient, Conveniently

Trick: This sequence is best for convenience.

10. Provision: (noun)

Meaning: The action of providing or supplying something for use. (प्रावधान)

Synonym: Arrangement, Plan, Accouterment, Catering

Antonym: Removal, Taking, Poison

Example: I carried my provisions in one large backpack.

Related Words:

Provisioned, Provisioning

Trick: The provision is made to clear the vision about the law.

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