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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Defaming: (verb)

Meaning: Damage the good reputation of (someone) (बदनाम करना)

Synonym: Libel, Slander, Malign, Smear

Antonym: Absolve, Acquit, Excuse, Dismiss

Example: He says he was defamed by reports that falsely identified him as a former gangster.

Related Words:

Defamation, Defamatory, Defamed

Trick: The group is defaming the person in the worst timing.

2. Hurled: (verb)

Meaning: Throw or impel (someone or something) with great force. (फेंके)

Synonym: Fire, Fling, Heave, Lob

Antonym: Hold, Keep, Receive

Example: Someone hurled a rock through the window.

Related Words:


Trick: He hurled the ruled one.

3. Adjourned: (verb)

Meaning: An act or period of adjourning or being adjourned. (स्थगन)

Synonym: Suspension, Discontinuation, Interruption, Postponement

Antonym: Assemble, Continue, Open, Remain

Example: The chairperson has adjourned the meeting.

Related words:

Adjourning, Adjournment

Trick: The lawyer is concerned when the court is adjourned.

4. Conviction: (noun)

Meaning: A formal declaration by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law that someone is guilty of a criminal offence. (दोषसिद्धि)

Synonym: Confidence, Faith, Feeling, Principle

Antonym: Distrust, Doubt, Disbelief, Unbelief

Example: She had a firm conviction that they would meet again in the hereafter.

Related Words:

Convicted, convicting

Trick: The conviction ends the prediction.

5. Consulting: (verb)

Meaning: Seek information or advice from (someone, especially an expert or professional). (परामर्श)

Synonym: Argue, Brainstorm, Consider, Deliberate

Antonym: Ignore, Neglect, Answer, Reply

Example: She consulted many respectable people in the village, but none could see a way out of the difficulty.

Related Words:

Consultation, Consultative, Consulted

Trick: They are meeting and consulting to the doctor

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