Complete list of Military Exercises 2023

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In 2023, various military exercises were held at different places. So here, we come up with the complete list of Military Exercise in 2023.

Complete List of Military Exercise in 2023

November 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


Mitrashakti 2023

India and Sri Lanka

Southern Command in Pune


Indian Coast Guard’s Pollution Response Exercise

Vadinar, Gujarat

Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN

India and Nepal

Pithoragarh, UK

Joint Military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23

Indian and Australia

Perth, Australia

Joint Special Forces Exercise “VAJRA PRAHAR 2023”

India and USA

Umroi, Meghalaya

Bilateral Exercise BONGOSAGAR-23

India and Bangladesh

Northern Bay of Bengal

“Exercise Poorvi Akash”

Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force (IAF)


first MARUMEX 2023 military exercise

Myanmar and Russia

Myanmar’s Andaman coast

Sea Guardians-3 joint maritime exercise

Pakistan and China

northern Arabian Sea

Joint military exercise ‘Trishakti Prahar’

Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force


October 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


Joint Military Exercise “SAMPRITI-XI”

India and Bangladesh

Umroi, Meghalaya

Security Exercise “Prasthan”

Indian Navy

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (AP)

Military Exercise “Cambrian Patrol 2023”

18 Countries

Wales, United Kingdom (UK)

Coastal Security Exercise “East Coast Sagar Kavach”

Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard

Andhra Pradesh(AP), Tamil Nadu(TN) and Puducherry(PY)

Annual Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Exercise (AJHE) – “CHAKRAVAT 2023″

Indian Navy


EU-India Maritime Security Exercise

India and European Union(EU)

Gulf of Guinea

Harimau Shakti 2023

India and Malaysia

Pulai, Kluang, Malaysia

September 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


IN-SLN Divex 23 (Mixed Gas Diving Training)

India and Sri Lanka

Trincomalee, a major port city on Sri Lanka’s east coast.

Maritime Exercise “SIMBEX 2023”

India and Singapore

South China Sea

India-Indonesia-Australia Trilateral Maritime Exercise

India, Indonesia and Australia

Indo-Pacific Region

joint military exercise “Yudh Abhyas 2023”

India and United States

Alaska, USA

Counter Terrorism Field Training Exercise “SMOA-Plus”

Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Russia and USA

Primorsky Region of Russia

Joint military exercise “Exercise BRIGHT STAR- 23”

Total 34 Countries including India

Mohammed Naguib Military Base in Egypt

India & Sri Lanka PASSEX Exercise

India and Sri Lanka

Coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Naval Exercise “Varuna-23”

India and France

Arabian Sea

August 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


Passage Exercise (PASSEX)

India and Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Coast of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Naval Exercise Zayed Talwar 2023

India & UAE


Air Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23

India, Egypt, USA, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Qatar

Cairo (West) Air Base

27th Malabar Naval Exercise 2023

India, Japan, US and Australia

East Coast of Australia off Sydney

Maritime Exercise AUSINDEX 2023

India and Australia

Coast of Sydney

Multilateral Air Exercise ‘Tarang Shakti’

India, France, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, USA, and Japan


Air Exercise Cope India-2023

India and USA

Air Force Stations Kalaikunda,Panagarh of West Bengal, and Agra,Uttar Pradesh

First joint training FALCON Shield-2023

China and UAE

China’s Xinjiang

July 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


Maritime Exercise JIMEX-23

Japan and India

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Naval Exercise “SALVEX”

India and USA

Kochi, Kerala

Joint Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX)

India and France

Coast of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Joint Military Exercise Nomadic Elephant-23

India and Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Exercise‘Operation Southern Readiness 2023

Seychelles and India


Air exercise ‘Tarang Shakti’

India, and United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia

India (Host Country)

Talisman Sabre joint military exercises 2023

Australia and USA

Queensland, Australia

Han Kuang military exercises 2023

Annual military drills by Taiwan


June 2023

Exercise Name

Conducted by/Countries


Exercise “Ranvijay”

Indian Air Force (IAF)

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Agneyastra 1

Indian Army

Eastern Ladakh

Multinaional Joint Peacekeeping Exercise “Khaan Quest 2023”

26 Countries including India, USA, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Multilateral Navel Exercise Komodo 2023 (MNEK 2023)

36 Countries including USA, Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, China and India.

Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bilateral Joint Military Exercise Ekuverian (12th edition)

India and Maldives

Kadhdhoo Island, Maldives

1st Trilateral Maritime Partnership Exercise

India, France and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Gulf of Oman

Naval Exercise Ekatha (6th edition)

India and Maldives


Sudarshan Shakti 2023

South Western Command of India Army

Rajasthan and Punjab

Multinational Arctic Challenge Exercise 2023 (ACE-23)

NATO member Countries, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Luleå Kallax Air Base, Sweden / Örland Air Base, Norway / Rovaniemi and Pirkkala, Finland.

May 2023

Defence Exercise

Conducted by/Countries


INIOCHOS-23 (Air exercise)

Multi-national Exercise hosted by the Greece

Andravida Air Base in the western Peloponnese

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-India Maritime Exercise (AIME-23)

India and ASEAN Countries

Changi Naval Base in Singapore

‘Buland Bharat’, an integrated surveillance and firepower training Exercise

Conducted by Indian Armed Forces

Mandala High Altitude Firing Ranges in Arunachal Pradesh

A mutual firefighting Exercise named ‘Agni Daman-23’

Conducted by civil and military agencies of firefighting

Pune (Maharashtra)

“Al Mohed Al Hindi 23“ (Naval Exercise)

India and Saudi Arabia

Arabian Sea and Gulf region

Samudra Shakti-23 (Naval Exercise)

India and Indonesia

Batam, Indonesia

35th Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) Exercise

India and Thailand

International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) in the Andaman Sea

April 2023

Defence Exercise

Conducted by/Countries


Exercise KAVACH

Indian Armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) and Indian Coast Guard (ICG)

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Naval Exercise SLINEX 2023 (10th Edition)

India and Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Offshore security exercise ‘Prasthan’

Indian Navy

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Multilateral Air Exercise – ‘Exercise Orion’

India, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and the United States of America (USA)

Mont-de-Marsan Airbase, France

Exercise RSRE (Regional Search and Rescue exercise)

Indian Coast Guard

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Cope India Exercise 2023

India and USA

Kalaikunda Airbase, West Bengal

Multi-national Air Exercise – INIOCHOS-23

India and Greece

Andravida Air Base, Greece

Combat Exercises “Balikatan Drills”

USA and Philippines

South China Sea

Regional Pollution Response Exercise (RPREX-2023)

Indian Coast Guard (ISG)

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

“Locked Shields” Exercise

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence


Coastal Security Exercise “Sagar Kavach”

Indian Coast Guard (ICG)

Coast of West Bengal

Bilateral Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2023

India and United Kingdom (Britain)

Salisbury Plains, UK

March 2023

Defence Exercise

Conducted by/Countries


Joint Air Exercise Shinyuu Maitri

India and Japan

Komatsu, Japan

8th Deterrence Strategy Committee Table-Top Exercise (DSC TTX)

USA and South Korea

Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Freedom Shield exercise and Warrior Shield FTX

USA and South Korea

The Korean Peninsula

Joint Military Exercise FRINJEX-23

India and France

Pangode Military Station, Kerala

International Maritime Exercise/ Cutlass Express 2023 (IMX/CE-23)

India and

Gulf region


India and

Arabian Sea

Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX)

India and France

Eastern Indian Ocean

Exercise Chetak Chaukas

Indian Army

Punjab’s Bathinda

Multilateral exercise La Perouse

India, France, Japan and Australia

Indian Ocean Region

Exercise Bold Kurukshetra 2023

India and Singapore

Jodhpur Military Station, India

Joint exercise “Khanjar” 2023

India and Kyrgyzstan


Table top exercise 2023

Indian Coast Guard and Colombo Security Conclave

Kolkata,West Bengal

Naval Exercise “Al-Mohed-Al Hindi-23”

India and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Jubail

Exercise Sea Dragon 23

India and USA

Guam Island

Field Training Exercise (Ex AFINDEX-2023)



Bilateral maritime exercise “Konkan 2023”

India and United kingdom

Konkan coast in the Arabian Sea

Vayu Prahar

Indian Army and the Indian Air force

Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern command

February 2023

Defence Exercise

Conducted by/Countries


Trishakti Prahar

All Arms and services of the Indian Army

North Bengal


India and USA

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Desert Flag VIII

Multilateral air exercise of UAE, India, France, Kuwait, Australia, UK, Bahrain, Morocco, Spain, the Republic of Korea, and the USA

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Joint Military Exercise DUSTLIK 2023

India and Uzbekistan

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

Joint military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian

Indian and Japan

Camp Imazu in the Shiga province of Japan

Indian Army’s Exercise “Topchi 2023”

Indian Army

School of Artillery at the Devlali field firing ranges, in Devlali, Nashik, Maharashtra

January 2023

Defence Exercise

Conducted by/Countries


Air Exercise Veer Guardian-2023

India and Japan

Hyakuri Air Base in Japan

Air Exercise “Pralay”

Indian Air Force (IAF)

Air bases in the northeast

Army Exercise “Cyclone-I”

India and Egypt

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan

Tri service exercise “AMPHEX 2023”

Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

“Ops Alert” exercise

Border Security Force (BSF)

Kutch district of Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan.

Naval Exercise ‘Varuna 2023′

India and France

West Coast of United States