Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Exam 2023 Cancelled

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Bihar Police constable recruitment exam 2023 cancelled

As per the official information shared by the Central Selection Board of Constables (CSBC), the Bihar constable recruitment examination 2023, which was held on October 1, 2023, has been cancelled. The exam was cancelled due to a paper leak, as per the official statement.

The Central Selection Board of Constables (CSBC) has informed that during the examination, many dishonest candidates were caught cheating. The CSBC had received many complaints of using electronic devices and other fraudulent/cheating methods by the candidates at centres.

As an outcome, the Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Exam 2023, has been postponed, until further notice.  The CSBC has also stated that the individuals, who were caught cheating were arrested on the spot. The Board has also postponed the further examinations, which are being scheduled on October 7 and October 15, until further notice.

The Bihar constable recruitment examination 2023 was conducted at 529 centres in 37 districts.

The cancellation of the Bihar Police Constable Exam 2023 has come as a major undesirable event to candidates, who had prepared earnestly for the examination. The sudden cancellation of an examination has caused significant inconvenience and financial hardship, for those who are preparing for a very long time and traveled long distances to appear for the exam.

Besides, the postponement of the subsequent shifts has created anxiety and uncertainty among candidates.

The Bihar Police Constable Exam 2023 cheating scandal has also raised concerns about corruption in the public sector.

The exam-conducting authorities must take the necessary initiatives to investigate the Constable Exam 2023 cheating scandal and bring the offender to justice. And, the board must take steps to reform the examination system to make it more infallible.

And also make sure that only qualified and deserving candidates are recruited into the police force.

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