Ask Yourself Before You Quit or Join Your Exam Preparation

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Ask Yourself Before You Quit or Join Your Exam Preparation

There is a famous quote “When you think to give up, think about why you started?”. This line is very deep. As we all know that, ‘a good job can give you and your family a wealthy and healthy life’ and you know the competition level for a government job very well.

Yes, it’s easy to quit, but can you imagine the day after this decision? What will you do? Job or Business, right? Are these things easy to do? No, if you are going for a job as a fresher, it’ll be too hard because we know our education system. It gives us very much theory knowledge, but can we do something productive only with that knowledge without any skills and experience? The answer is again ‘NO’.

Now, let’s talk about ‘business’, in our country, business is the last option for us, when we lose hope for a good or govt job, we choose a business. But, is this easy to start a business? If you have some experience or knowledge about business, you can do great things in business, but without these things, you just waste your time and money as well.

So, if you are thinking to quit exam preparation just because you need to do work (study) hard, you are wrong. You’ve to do work hard to survive.
I think, among these three (exam preparation, job, and business) exam preparation is the best thing. While you are preparing for exams you are increasing your knowledge, brain power, exercising your mind, which will definitely help you in each and every moment of your life.
Just think about your known and friends who are preparing for exams. You know very well that how many of them are doing their preparation with honesty?

Yes, we all know how many of them are just doing preparation as a formality. Many of them are addicted to social media and they cannot get over those things which are heavy on them.  

The secret of success is that if you are preparing for your exams with honesty and smartness, you can crack any exams easily. You’ve to do some extraordinary things which will make you different from others and will help you in better preparation for exams. Herewith I’m discussing some of the things that a student should follow during his exam preparation.

1. Don’t Waste Too Much Time on Social Media
As all the things have both good and bad sides, social media has both sides. Social media is a great platform which provides many things like communication, learning, instant news, entertainment, etc. but it’s great if you use social media for a limited time to refresh your mind. But if you have been using this for hours, you are just wasting your time and losing the chances to get success in your exam.
If anybody uses social media for hours on a daily basis, he/she will be addicted to this and hence will waste his/her valuable time in social media.
So, you just can do one thing to save yourself from the addiction to social media. Use it in the limit (maximum 30-40 minutes a day). Instead of this, you can play some game to refresh your mind. There are a lot of games are available which will help to improve your brain also.

2. Focus on The Present Time
Our mind always thinks about the past and future, which is very useless and harmful for us. We can learn from our past and can set goals for the future. But if we think about the past and future always, we are just wasting our valuable time.
We’ve to understand that we cannot change our past. The past has gone, we just need to learn things from the past and improve the things and our understanding.
We’ve faith that if we are living our present time with honesty, our future will be bright definitely.

3. Planning
Planning, the thing which will increase your chances to succeed in exams. Many students prepare for their exams without any planning, they just read books, learn and randomly solve the questions. It’s like a bus, which is running on the road without the map and gets turned to every turn of the way. How can that bus get the destination?  

Before starting the preparation, you need to check out the latest syllabus of the exam you are preparing for. Make the list of the topics you are perfect (good) in and worst in. Start with the topics you are perfect in or good in. It’ll give you confidence that you can do it.
You can make groups of topics in which you are perfect (good) and worst. This is because, when you’ll solve/study/prepare for these groups, you’ll get both types of topics easy (you're good in) and hard (you're worst in). The easy topics will build your confidence and your mind will be fully confident to solve the hard one and hopefully you will solve the hard one also.

These points are not too easy or too hard to follow, but once you start to follow these, these will be very easy for you and you’ll definitely crack your exam.
Good luck, hope this helps.

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