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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups, or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams, vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Detained: (verb)

Meaning: To force someone officially to stay in a place (नजरबंद)

Synonym: Circumscribed, Cramped, Imprisoned, Restrained

Antonym: Healthy, Well, Free, Liberated

Example: They were detained by the police for questioning.

Related Words:

Detention, Detainable, Detaining

Trick: The criminal is detained and cannot be retained.

2. Summoned: (verb)

Meaning: Order (someone) to be present. (बुलवाना)

Synonym: Ask, Assemble, Call, Convene

Antonym: Answer, Cancel, Disperse, Divide

Example: He was incensed and summoned the villagers to appear before him.

Related Words:


Trick: His friends summoned the auction.

3. Alleged: (adjective)

Meaning: Said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality. (कथित)

Synonym: Supposed, Professed, Purported, Apparent

Antonym: Proved, Verifiable, Stated, Tried-And-True.

Example: But sometimes there is also an element of fraud from the alleged victim.

Related Words:

Allegation, Allegedly

Trick: He was alleged by the managed workers.

4. Residence: (noun)

Meaning: A person's home, especially a large and impressive one. (निवास स्थान)

Synonym: Apartment, Condo, Dwelling, Hall

Antonym: Business, Industry, Office

Example: He recently ended his residence at the apartment complex.

Related Words:

Resident, Residing, Resided, Residential

Trick: There is existence of any residence.

5. Accommodate: (verb)

Meaning: A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay. (आवास)

Synonym: Housing, Quarters, Rooms, Chambers

Antonym: Disagreement, Altercation, Animosity, Antagonism

Example: They weren't sure if they could provide food and accommodations for the whole group.

Related Words:

Accommodating, Accommodative, Accommodatingly, Accommodation

Trick: The luxury accommodations have various sections.

6. Protests: (noun)

Meaning: A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. (विरोध)

Synonym: Objection, Exception, Complaint, Disapproval.

Antonym: Support, Approval, Harmony, Peace.

Example: The decision was protested by dozens of people.

Related words:

Protested, Protesting

Trick: The police is requests people to stop the protests against the law.

7. Refused: (verb)

Meaning: Indicate or show that one is not willing to do something. (अस्वीकृत)

Synonym: Decline, Reject, Repudiate, Spurn

Antonym: Accept, Take, Allowed, Permitted

Example: She was refused access to her children.

Related Words:


Trick: He refused that he infused to the people.

8. Reached: (verb)

Meaning: Stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something. (पहुँच गया)

Synonym:  Captured, Collected, Seized, Accomplished

Antonym:  Deprived, Forfeited, Lost

Example:  She reached the conclusion that there was no more she could do.

Related Words:


Trick: Thieves reached and breached the area.

9. Investigation: (noun)

Meaning: Carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, etc.) so as to establish the truth. (जांच)

Synonym: Consider, Examine, Explore, Inspect

Antonym: Answer, Forget, Ignore, Neglect

Example: The police are still investigating the murder.

Related Words:

Investigated, Investigating

Trick: The investigating team is interacting with suspects.

10. Detention: (noun)

Meaning: Confinement or imprisonment, usually for a short time (कैद)

Synonym:  Custody, Imprisonment, Confinement, Incarceration

Antonym:  Assistance, Help, Freedom, Liberation

Example:  He was kept in detention by the police.

Related Words:

Detained, Detaining

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