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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

1. Provision: (noun)

Meaning: The action of providing or supplying something for use. (प्रावधान)

Synonym: Arrangement, Plan, Accouterment, Catering

Antonym: Removal, Taking, Poison

Example: I carried my provisions in one large backpack.

Related Words:

Provisioned, Provisioning

Trick: The provision is made to clear the vision about the law.

2. Mandatory: (adjective)

Meaning:  Compulsory. (अनिवार्य)

Synonym:  Obligatory, Compulsory, Binding, Required

Antonym:  Optional, Inessential, Nonessential, Voluntary.

Example:  The minister is calling for mandatory prison sentences for people who assault police officers.

Related words:


Trick: These rules are mandate and sophisticate.

3. Requisite: (adjective)

Meaning: Made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations. (मांग)

Synonym: Necessary, Required, Prerequisite, Essential

Antonym: Inessential, Noncrucial, Secondary, Unimportant

Example: She gave all the notices and all the necessary requisites.

Related Words:

Requisition, Requisitioned, Requisitely

Trick: Apni position se jyada requisition nahi karni chahiye.

4. Designated: (verb)

Meaning: Appoint (someone) to a specified office or post. (नामित)

Synonym: Appoint, Nominate, Depute, Delegate

Antonym: Avoidable, Unscheduled

Example: She has been designated to organize the meeting

Related Words:

Designation, Designated, Designating

Trick: The client created the designated place.

5. Amendments: (noun)

Meaning: Make minor changes to (a text, piece of legislation, etc.) in order to make it fairer or more accurate, or to reflect changing circumstances. (हरजाना)

Synonym: Revise, Alter, Change, Modify

Antonym: Lower, Worsen, Break, Decrease

Example: She tried to make amends by inviting him out to dinner.

Related Words:

Amended, Amends

Trick: Amendment dene se acha adjustment karna hoga.

6. Boycotted: (verb)

Meaning: Withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest. (बहिष्कार करना)

Synonym: Snub, Avoid, Spurn, Shun

Antonym: Support, Accept, Allow, Approve

Example: They boycotted the city's bus system.

Related Words:

Boycott, Boycotting

Trick: They boycotted the cottage industries.

7. Consecutive: (adjective)

Meaning: Following each other continuously. (लगातार)

Synonym: Succeeding, Following, Running, Continuous.

Antonym: Separate, Broken, Discontinuous, Infrequent.

Example: I was amazed that she contradicted herself in consecutive sentences.

Related words:


Trick: His consecutive behavior is reflective.

8. Protest: (noun)

Meaning: A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. (विरोध)

Synonym: Objection, Exception, Complaint, Disapproval.

Antonym: Support, Approval, Harmony, Peace.

Example: The decision was protested by dozens of people.

Related words:

Protested, Protesting

Trick: They test the protest.

9. Establishments: (noun)

Meaning: The action of establishing something or being established. (प्रतिष्ठानों)

Synonym: Formation, Formulation, Founding, Inauguration

Antonym: Abolition, Closing, Closure, Disbanding

Example: The establishment of a business.

Related Words:

Established, Establishing

Trick: The implementation of the plan for the establishment of this company is not perfect.

10. Agitating: (verb)

Meaning: Make (someone) troubled or nervous. (घबरा देना)

Synonym: Alarming, Annoying, Creepy, Depressing

Antonym: Agreeable, Auspicious, Comforting, Delightful

Example: Some members of the union have been agitating for a strike.

Related Words:

Agitation, Agitated, Agitatedly

Trick: The trading makes him agitating.

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